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I am Jeddidiah Namiah Parico (aka Jhed), 19 years old, a girl and I run this blog. I am from the Philippines and i was not born from the richest of the richest family. My mom is a regular employee while my dad is an Overseas Filipino Worker. I have three siblings that I love so much and 7 dogs that completes our family. I love reading books (that’s pretty much obvious), oh and let’s not forget I am a Medical Technology student (Clinical Laboratory Scientist, if you’re not familiar with MT). Currently enrolled in college and I am graduating next year (2015. Hah!). I have not collectively known myself as I am yet to discover myself and some of them, yes some, I discovered through the hardships I am currently experiencing (eg. school, stress, etc). OMG, who the hell am I? ((=

I love math. Especially algebra. I once had this teacher in High School (she was once a favorite of mine) who asked me to answer a new topic she was discussing. Fortunate of me, I have known that topic from my previous school (because I transferred residences, ergo, also the school). She was so happy and proud, I still remember the priceless expression on her face. With that, she told me to take a break, sleep, do whatever I want during her time because she said that “she doesn’t need to teach me that topic because I have mastered it.” Only not. I just remembered it. I chose to read a book while she discussed, hence, the start of my book obsession ((=

Enough math. I also love science! I have an obsession about this website called I Fucking Love Science. It pretty much sums up the whole package of science. They feature quizzical, unbelievable things, animals you never knew that exists, experiments, news from NASA, and many more amazing things!

I also love pictures, especially of vintage! Though, I don’t like taking pictures, I just love having them. I have been vain about photos since I had a phone with a camera on it. I think it had gotten worst now since technology and camera resolutions are so high, they copy the real deal.

 This is me with the long hair ((=
This is a rather informal picture that I took of myself while my sister was 
having her facial. HAHA. Selfie!!

And this is me in school, well, the school library.
I was supposed to be stuDYING, I guess. ((=
I love to laugh. Laughing is my real escape. I also cry a lot, if not because of a book, hormone levels, it is usually either I just want to or because I am terribly wronged that I cannot contain what they just said to me. I almost always make a joke about myself, or basically of what I usually see. It’s very random. My friends love them even if they are lame. When I do this jokes at home, my sister and cousin would ask me at the same time “Are you happy?” at the same time with serious expressions. I’d just laugh it off.
I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have a lot of book boyfriends and that’s enough for me at the moment. Who knows, in time I might just meet ‘The One’ who would make my heart flutter, fill my stomach with butterflies, and falls in love with me until the end of time. (:
Well, that’s enough of a me. Tell me your story! I would love to hear them.
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