Review Policy

Hello and Mabuhay!

I am Jed (uh, short for Jeddidiah) and I run this blog (obviously!). For some reasons, you are here because you wanted to (a) contact me about something/review a book or (b) just check out my review policy.

If you chose (a) then let’s get started! (;

I am quite choosy with reading books but I mostly read Young Adult and New Adult Books because I fit in the age group and when I feel like it, I sometimes read adult books. I rarely venture the Adult group, but I do, so there’s a 50% chance that I would accept reviewing such novels. But if you are an author of such novels, please don’t hesitate to send me a summary of your work and we’ll see if I can squeeze in some erotic reading. ūüėÄ

These are the genres I adore reading:

  • Basically anything YA under the sun
    • Contemporary Romance
    • Dystopian
    • Chick-Lit
    • Fantasy
    • Rarely, Paranormal
  • New Adult Romances¬†
    • Contemporary
  • Adult (when in mood)
    • Contemporary

If your title is of really good interest, please push me to read it. I would love to venture other genres since I’ve been stuck with those three that I have listed above. I also love Indie books! This is where I have known some of my author friends (*waves*) and it has been a very large part of my reading preferences.¬†

The formats I accept are:
  • Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC)
  • Print (in paperback/hardbound)
  • eBooks (mobi)
    • As much as possible, I am trying to minimize reading electronic copies since I am having a hard time reading in the dark, and that my eyes hurt easily.

Please bear in mind that my reviews are solely based on honesty and will not be affected by my relationship with the author and/or the publisher. I do not accept money for good reviews and/or feedback.

If you have any inquiries, questions, or clarifications, please feel free to email me anytime and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible:
jhedparico (at) gmail (dot) com
You can visit my Facebook Page here, my Goodreads page here, and my Twitter Page here.

Thank you for taking interest and stopping by!
Have a great day!